This is Susie

Just our life


I am a Dutch native, my boyfriend is an American. We have two pets our dog Bobbie, and our cat Nala. We live in a two-bedroom apartment, which can feel a bit small at times because my boyfriend loves speakers and the tools to work with them, I am guilty of most of our kitchen appliances,.

I like to hang out around the house. I cook, minimize my stuff, other than the kitchen appliances, and like to be creative in my spare time. On the weekends we like to go to events or have lunch, dinner, and drinks. I meet up with family and friends to talk each other’s ears off.

I am creating my own online Gallery here, The building block of my creations

Susie’s Story

Have you ever considered we are all walking stories? Every person, no matter how big or small has a story to tell.

I am sharing some of my stories on this website and some on my channel. You can find videos and vlogs of me there. I am still learning how to film and video edit, but I am having fun.

The biggest challenge I have faced in life so far is losing loved ones, the second challenge is money. I have had to educate myself on this topic and even though I am nowhere near I want to be, I am doing a lot better than a few years ago and I am continuously improving my finances. The third challenge is my relationship with food and weight because I am recovering from an eating disorder, called Binge Eating Disorder.

Right now is the first time I seem to be winning these battles when it comes to money and weight as I am learning and growing along the way. Recovering from losing a loved one takes time to heal and you need to allow yourself the time to recover and heal.

I also enjoy minimizing my stuff, but I donĀ“t really like labeling myself, just as I don’t eat meat. What if in a few years this changes? You can change quite a bit over a few years, so labelling yourself vegetarian or minimalist might not be applicable in the future. So I don’t eat meat at the moment and I don’t have a lot of stuff.